Jungle Inside Out

Here’s my most recent series of illustrations. I exhibited those illustrations in Prague in June 2019
The series' concept is about the jungle taking over the city and people adjusting to it. With this series, I explore my inner jungle, its multiple dimensions, and meanings.
So I took a Jungle as the subject, added a bit of magic, a bit of absurd, and a sprinkle of fun.
When I draw I like to imagine myself as a kid, like everything around me is huge, magical and mysterious. This my inner playground expressed on paper. The game starts with the question "what if". I like to imagine, that my bedroom is a wild rainforest and my houseplant is a giant tropical monster.
The series is in black and white. All the jungle I’ve seen were very colorful and bright. I wanted to try to make something new, and I was curious if I could keep this wilderness and life without using the color.