Jungle Inside Out

Here’s my most recent series of illustrations. I exhibited those illustrations in Prague in June 2019
The series' concept is about the jungle taking over the city and people adjusting to it. With this series, I explore my inner jungle, its multiple dimensions, and meanings.
So I took a Jungle as the subject, added a bit of magic, a bit of absurd, and a sprinkle of fun.
When I draw I like to imagine myself as a kid, like everything around me is huge, magical and mysterious. This my inner playground expressed on paper. The game starts with the question "what if". I like to imagine, that my bedroom is a wild rainforest and my houseplant is a giant tropical monster.
The series is in black and white. All the jungle I’ve seen were very colorful and bright. I wanted to try to make something new, and I was curious if I could keep this wilderness and life without using the color.

Community Sunset

This one is inspired by a particular sunset on one of the Thailand islands when all the dogs and people got together for the sunset which is usually the biggest event of the day.

One More Chapter

Picnic In The Anemones

Post-Apo Disco / Berlin Hipsters

Miracle Awaits

Nap Time

Jungle Office

Sloth Living

Tropical Express