How it all started ... 

It might sound crazy but it took me over 2 years of procrastination... But I've finally submitted my coloring book to Amazon! I had all the illustrations done in a reasonably short time but the idea of actually pushing it to the world somehow got very intimidating, so much that It prevented me to push through all the bureaucracy needed to publish a book on Amazon. But I've eventually decided to close this side-project and finish the last 10% that I kept postponing forever. I'm sure I'm not the only one who kept postponing finishing the last piece, even though it was almost done. We all do. But I just wanted to share with you that It was a really amazing feeling to finally hold in my hands the first print version of my own illustrated coloring book. Perhaps I can inspire someone with this message, to get up and gather the necessary motivation to finish something beautiful. I also needed a push.

The Book!

Anyway, I didn't even tell you what is the book about. I'm lucky to be a free-lance illustrator - it's a very hard work but I greatly enjoy it. But I still remember my time working in the small office with a bunch of people around me and there were so many little and big things which could frustrate me. I wish I'd have a simple tool to just release the stress and to just laugh at the situations which drove me mad at that time. And I saw many people having a hard time at their jobs and I wanted to cheer them up a bit. Well, it's not that bad to have a job. But even a good one could occasionally suck if you just not in the mood or your coffee is cold or this deadline just came up too sudden. For such cases, I've created this anti-stress coloring book titled: I HATE MY JOB.

I hope you find it funny, useful and practical.


Do you want a freebie? ;)

I'd love to give you a few pages from the book just for you so that you can have a sneak peek. You can even print them and color them yourself! Just grab a copy and print it. If you like the book and want to get updates on my future projects subscribe to my newsletter.

Have fun!

Yours, Jen


Do you feel stressed at work? Grab one of these and get relaxed! ;)