The hottest summer pattern trends

Ahoj, my dear friends,
Winter is coming, and so I've decided it’s time to look back and see what patterns were the most popular in surface design over the last summer. 
I’ve made my own statistics based on a mixture of what prints I was surrounded by and what kind of pattern orders and requests I’ve received during the summer season.
On my list, I go from the least to the most popular trend.
7. Burgers and fries. A crave for junk food for sure finds reflection in pattern design.

fries burgers pattern-01.png

6. Sea creatures. Octopuses, fish, jellyfish and all sorts of ocean life.


5. Ice-creams. Yum. Makes you summer look sweet and chill.

Mickey ice-cream copy-02.png

4. Airplanes and travels. Summer is the best time to escape the routine life and fly towards adventures. Or at least to dream of it.

summer vacation.png

3. Pineapples. There's nothing to add here. Just that pineapples rule the pattern world at the moment.

pineapple pattern.jpeg

2. Banana leaves. This one is the most ordered at the time. It’s a hipster trend which is not gonna go away anytime soon. Great for any season. Green and juicy.

banana leaves.jpeg

1. Flamingos. Yes. Flamingos. Chances are like 50% on that you or your spouse own a pair of pajama pants or a cute printed notepad decorated with those gorgeous pink long-necked creatures.
I personally love them. It can’t be too many flamingos. So please enjoy my free pattern and feel free to use it however you want. Here’s the link:

flamingo pattern.png

You may ask where the heck I was all this time so I make this post only in November. Well, I worked a lot in Summer and after that, I have had a nice vacation with my family (so great to be next to the sea!) After that I’ve been working intensively on my illustrative skills and portfolio as I took 5-weeks children book illustration class. I’ve made a short video about it and soon will post on my blog. So stay in touch for more illustrative updates.