Evgeniya riding a scooter

Hi, I'm Jen!

I doodle, draw, sketch, paint and illustrate while I travel around the world. My goal is to make kids ( big and small ) smile through the cute things I draw and help companies to increase their conversion rate and find their ideal clients. I also dance and teach swing dances, play ukulele and love ice-cream.
Evgeniya singing and playing ukulele
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I came to this big world as a small nice girl. Drawing was the first thing I learned. As soon as I figured out how to walk a bit, I went to my first artistic school. Since then I didn't stop drawing.
Evgeniya dancing with brush
Evgeniya studying at school and working with children
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I love being a kid and always loved kids. Therefore some years later I managed to get myself a diploma in pre-school psychology.  Which helps me understand my clients and make my art even more personal for them.
I first tried to make it as a fancy designer in big companies. And even though it taught me a lot you can imagine how boring it was ...
Evgeniya working
So I decided to work on my own and spend my time on projects I really enjoy and can be proud of. And that's how I've become a freelance artist!
Evgeniya traveling around the world
I put my soul in all my work and try hard to make it more personal. I'm still that little girl wandering the great beautiful world around, smiling, exploring and still drawing.
Evgeniya illustrator